Bowler Plastics (Pty) Ltd

Leaders in the rigid plastics packaging industry.

 Bowler Plastics Products

Bowler Plastics has a reputation within the South
African market for quality. Our modes of manufacture
include the following.

Tube Manufacture


We offer a monolayer, a 5-layer co-extrusion and a laminate tube facility for the toiletry, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and toothpaste market.



We have comprehensive printing facilities which cover screen-printing and offset printing, both with conventional and UV drying inks as well as tampo printing. Our 7-colour offset printers create many exciting possibilities.

Injection Stretch Blow Moulding


Our PET plant makes a variety of bottles from 50ml to 5L. We are able to offer 18mm Ropp necks, 28mm PCO, 30mm, 38mm Bericap as well as the cosmetics 24 mm and 28 mm necks. Over a relatively short period we have developed a library of preforms which enable us to tailor-make specific PET bottles for the toiletry and cosmetic markets. We all manufacture a wide variety of performs.

Injection Moulding


We manufacture a wide range of injection-moulded products for the packaging industry including closures, jars, sticks on our 50+ injection moulding machines.

Injection Blow Molding


We specialize in roll-on deodorant bottles and are able to offer other solutions for this form of manufacture.



Our facilities are geared for high quality foiling of products which require close registration.

Extrusion Blow Moulding


This includes multi-cavity moulding, up to 5 liters in all the popular materials.



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